Job Seeker FAQs:

How is Longview paid for its services?

Though we often receive unnecessary “Thank You’s” from the individuals we help, our services are paid for entirely by our clients (the companies we assist).  Our client fees are typically based on a percentage of the hired candidate’s starting base salary.

Do I need to be actively in the job market for Longview to assist me?

No.  In fact, most of the individuals we place are what we consider “passive” job seekers.  Meaning, they are not actively keeping an eye out for a new job but they do want to be kept aware of any great job opportunities that come up. These professionals recognize that they may not always be ready when the perfect job opens up, so they want to keep a finger on the pulse of the job market just in case  The individuals we work with trust us because of our discretion in these matters.

How do I know if a job opportunity is a good, bad, or mediocre one?

Just ask us.  Strategically, Longview does not work with companies experiencing financial difficulties or that have a bad reputation, or those that do not have a track record of career development.  Our success is based upon our candidates’ and clients’ long-term happiness; therefore, we can’t afford to work on bad job opportunities.  On the same token, we can only assist the top 5% of professionals/candidates with their career.  This ensures that both our clients and candidates will be happy.  Unlike other recruiting firms, we will not approach you with a bad job opportunity to make a quick buck.  We are also happy to offer insight or candid advice on job opportunities that are not our own, even though there is nothing in it for us.  Again, this is about our reputation of always doing the right thing…….it ensures people come back to us!

Will Longview assist me with every step of the interview process?

Absolutely.  You can expect a thorough briefing on every job opportunity and complete assistance along the way.  This includes resume critique, interview preparation/feedback and negotiating your offer to the best possible outcome.  Other recruiting firms may disappear once a client has interest in you or only offer a little assistance in these steps.  But Longview is aware of how important a decision this is for you and your significant others.  Even if the job opportunity is not the right fit, we will be there every step of the way.

I have worked with pushy recruiters before.  What can I expect from Longview?

This is a common complaint.  The bottom line is that our firm was founded on the principles of openness and honesty in dealings with both our candidates and clients.  Even if we are not the one to place you, you will remember how you were treated and our paths will almost certainly cross again.  We know this, and that is why you can expect us to be straightforward with you.  When we have a potential job opportunity for you, we will discuss the pros and the cons and allow you to make your own decision.

Why do I need to disclose my salary?

In a perfect world, you would be paid entirely based upon the value that you bring to the company. But responsible companies, like people, have budgets they need to stay within and costs to manage. When searching for a new job, you can expect to disclose your current salary at some point during the interview process. If interested in you, most companies will use your current salary to prepare an offer that is approximately 5-12 percent more than what you are currently earning. While this is not enough to make you rich, the increase in pay is designed to entice you to make the transition while also staying within budget and keeping expenses down. There should also be other perks and career positives outside of money that make the opportunity appealing to you. Of course, there are exceptions to the rule. If you’re being grotesquely underpaid at your current position, you shouldn’t accept another below-market salary. While we are not miracle workers, Longview can effectively help you to position yourself for as big an increase as possible. Please see the following blogs addressing this subject:

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How do I know that Longview has my best interests at heart when it comes time for an offer?

It may sound cheesy, but Longview takes the “Golden Rule” approach when it comes to this. Our long-term success depends on doing the right thing by the people that have given us our trust. Not only is it a simple matter of ethics, but ultimately if the candidates we work with are unhappy at any point it reflects poorly on us and can affect our long-term reputation in the market. And this would be a very, very bad thing, so it is not something we take lightly. We recognize that this stage is a very important – and often emotional – time in a person’s career. Therefore, we foster an open dialogue when it comes to receiving an offer and if there are any questions or concerns, no matter how small, our candidates usually ask us.


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