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“I owe you and your organization a sincere thanks for your efforts in my recruiting process.  Having never worked with a recruiter I was not sure what to expect.  You coached me as I prepared for interviews.  You shared your honest feedback and opinions with me through what turned into a very lengthy process.  You were instrumental in helping me get into my new role.  Thank you for your professional and friendly approach to recruiting.” (7/20/2015) —-  Regional Executive (Midwest), Top 5 Residential Mortgage Firm 

“Brent is an excellent resource when it comes to career search, changes and growth. His involvement does not end with the placement of a candidate, he is genuinely interested in the success you have and your continued growth. My experience has led me to recommend Brent to a number of other colleagues, as well to my firm for any and all finance related needs. His approach and dedication is a breath of fresh air that the industry truly needs.” —- CFO, Healthcare Services Firm

“Brent was excellent to work with! His approach to recruiting, and support throughout the process, went beyond my expectations. I would gladly work with him again and highly recommend him for recruiting needs for finance professionals.” —- CFO, Government Contracting Technology Firm

“Brent worked with me as a career counselor, helping me evaluate my options and suggesting various paths for me to head to grow professionally. His helpful attitude, knowledge of the job market, and great working personality (read: low pressure) made him a great person to work with. I would recommend him to anyone looking for career advice, evaluation of a new professional degree/certification or new job.”  —- CFO & Head of Corporate Development, Publicly-Traded Global Manufacturing Firm

“I owe my current job to Brent. The one thing that stands out righ away with Brent is the time and care he invests in learning about a candidate’s interest, aspirations and requirements. He guided me through the entire process beginning with submitting my resume to handling the trickier negotiations with compensation, start-date etc. You always have the strong conviction that Brent is working hard to get the best for you. I value his integrity, caring attitude and his communication skills. He will never leave you guessing and waiting for calls. Having Brent represent you is the best thing you have when you are dealing with a stressful situation such as job-hunting.I wish him the best.” — Director SEC Reporting, Fortune 1000 Energy Firm

“Brent recently placed me in my current position. As a recruiter, Brent was very attentive to my preferences, respected confidentiality, when applicable, and maintained an informative level of communication with me. I feel that he takes the time to understand the specific needs of his clients, as well as the goals and desires of his employee candidates. Accordingly, I believe that he does a great job of balancing the challenge of commitment to clients and the marketing of employee candidates. I would certainly recommend him to both groups. He is very easy to work with and I have the utmost confidence in his ability to achieve results.” —- Director SEC Reporting, Publicly-Traded Energy Firm

“I have worked with Brent multiple times to help me find top notch senior finance positions. I have been impressed by Brent’s commitment to his clients and candidates and the balancing that it requires to put other people’s needs above his own. Brent’s integrity and genuine interest in my career has given him significant personal capital with me. I highly recommend Brent as a recruiter and as a professional.” —- CFO, Healthcare Technology Firm

“I had the great experience of working with Brent during my recent job search. He was incredibly engaged throughout the entire process. He coordinated a number of opportunities over a compressed time period in order to locate the best possible fit for my skills and experience. Brent was a pleasure to work with and would be a valuable asset for anyone looking for a results oriented individual who demonstrates the utmost professionalism.” —- Director Corporate Strategy, Fortune 700 Financial Services Firm

“I’ve used Brent several times at my last Company to place staff level accountants to manager level and he never fails to deliver. He takes the time to get to know you, your company and the need to ensure that he only presents candidates who will fit the bill so that you’re not flooded with resumes. You don’t get the usual “sales guy” pitch from him either which is important to me. I actually even referred a friend to him who was looking for a new opportunity and he was able to find her the right position very quickly. When I decided to relocate to Dallas, Brent went out of his way to get me in touch with a recruiter in the area as well. Brent definitely went above and beyond his call of duties as a “recruiter” and I believe that he will do that for anyone!” —- Americas Controller, Global Professional Services Firm

“It is my pleasure to recommend Brent. My experience in working with him highlighted his commitment, exceptional knowledge and dedication, as well as the highest level of integrity. I have no doubt that he will be a valuable resource to any company or individual when it comes to recruiting and placement. Brent demonstrated his experience in this field by being proactive in identifying the core requirements, staying on top of the assignment, keeping me informed and seeing it through to the end (while doing a fair bit of coaching in the process!).” —- VP Finance, Fortune 50 Financial Services Firm

“Brent proved to be an invaluable partner in my job search. It was clear from our initial meeting that he has a passion for his work. He took the time to listen carefully to my story, and demonstrated an ability – terribly important in my mind – to look beyond a resume and grasp the larger context of a particular situation. Throughout my search, he maintained a meaningful and engaging dialogue. The power and connectivity of his personal network became increasingly obvious as the process progressed. Brent’s ability to interface equally effectively with both his corporate clients and job seekers is what truly distinguishes him in my opinion. I recommend Brent without reservation.” —- Manager Corporate Accounting, Publicly-Traded Energy Firm

“I had the pleasure of working with Brent on my job search in 2008. He is by far one of the most professional, trustworthy and results oriented recruiters I have ever encountered. He was genuinely interested in placing me with the correct company that was a good fit all around. I have recommended him to colleagues and will continue to do so.” —- Finance Leader, Publicly-Traded Real Estate Firm