Employer FAQs:

What is Longview’s fee for recruiting services?

For retained search, it is 30-33% of the hired candidate’s first year total cash compensation (typical for Mid-Senior level Executive search). The fee range is dependent on the complexity and time commitment of the search because Executive level searches are much more labor-intensive and require an in-depth knowledge of our client, searching in an extremely limited talent pool.

Our standard fee for contingency search is 25% of the hired candidate’s first year base salary. In other cases, such as staffing an entire department or filling self-generated sales positions (such as Mortgage), monthly overrides or additional options can be considered.

What are your payment terms?

For retained search it is 1/3rd of the fee paid at initiation of the search, 1/3rd paid upon completion of the first interview, and 1/3rd paid when the hired candidate begins working for our client.

For contingency, our fees are paid in full within 10 days of the hired candidate’s start date. In some cases, we may be able to accommodate payment installments over a defined period, as we are very confident in our track record and try hard to work with our clients.    

Does Longview offer a guarantee?

Yes.  We offer a 60 day guarantee for all placements.  The guarantee is applicable if the candidate resigns or is dismissed with cause within 60 days of the candidate’s start date.  Although this circumstance is extremely rare for us, Longview will replace the candidate for free, assuming the payment terms have been met.  As an aside, we have not had this issue with a placement in nearly 5 years.

What methods does Longview use to recruit?

Most of our placements come from referrals – either from our network of professionals or through direct recruiting efforts such as cold-calling.  Longview maintains a network of in-the-know professionals, many of whom are passive job seekers themselves, and most of whom are willing to provide us with the names/contact info of relevant professionals due to our trusted, discretionary relationship with them.  We also use mass email campaigns to get the word out (keeping our clients’ info discreet), and this has proved very fruitful. Of course, like most recruiting firms, Longview does maintain and utilize a large database of resumes to search from.  Lastly, Longview is very wired in to social media and trade groups for recruiting purposes as well.

How is Longview different from other recruiting firms?

We hope that you have been able to discern this from the content on our website but in short, our services are not for sale to the highest bidder. The other main difference is in our up-front approach. Longview is open and transparent about all of our efforts and candidates. If you want information, or an update, or just to know where your firm stands in the search process, just ask! We also offer general advice and insight to our clients at no cost. There are no secrets with us and our goal is to make sure our clients never feel in the dark.

Can any company become a Longview client?

No. Our reputation depends on us turning our backs on companies we know to not be good places to work. Also, we cannot work with every company in a given market because we do need companies to source from, Longview is very selective in deciding who to work with. Our reputation depends on our relationships with top companies and top candidates.  Therefore, Longview only works with companies with the best reputations.

Does Longview recruit people from their clients?

No. We consider this unethical. It is also just plain bad business.

Does Longview work with Human Resources at our clients, or directly with the hiring manager?

Our view is that both have a lot to offer in finding the right person and getting them on board. Many times we have personal relationships with hiring managers at our clients – either we have placed them before or have worked with them in the past. These relationships can really help in getting at the intangibles our clients are looking for.  We also have strong relationships with HR professionals at our clients, as we believe they can be invaluable in the process as well. In short, Longview prefers an open dialogue on all fronts but always respects the process of our clients.

We would like to make the offer ourselves.  Is this a problem?

The nature of the personal relationships we develop with our candidates enables us to see what they are thinking, as they are typically more willing to openly discuss issues with us than a potential employer. This mitigates the appearance of “game playing” that sometimes comes up with candidates during the offer stage. We are also experts at navigating the psychology of counter-offers and ensuring a smooth transition to our clients. Thus, it is nearly always our preference to maintain control over the process and to deliver offers ourselves.

Does Longview offer background checks on potential candidates?

Longview always checks the most recent managerial references (if available) of the candidates that our clients are interested in, for consistency and to uncover potential issues. As far as criminal and credit checks, our clients usually prefer to do these on their own but we can make accommodations if necessary.


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