Why Choose Longview?

When the success or failure of a business can be impacted by JUST ONE hire, this decision is a literal life-changing event for those involved. There truly is no room for skepticism or ambiguity.

Longview was founded with the ambition of disrupting the entire recruiting industry, but by first becoming the best recruiters in San Diego. For too long has the industry’s reputation suffered, for various reasons, but almost always coming down to a lack of transparency and trust between parties (“Headhunters are just sales people, after all”). Our firm was built on a foundation of transparency and candor in the recruiting process. We take the “Longview” in our relationships, which has allowed us to become one of the top staffing agencies in San Diego, CA. We are above-board, and will discuss the positives AND negatives of each candidate as a true consultant should. You will get the good with the bad; you will know where you stand. Our clients and candidates wouldn’t keep coming back to us otherwise, and it is this loyalty that has led to our success. The simple truth is, the “Golden Rule” approach is what perpetuates our business cycle.

Full-disclosure shouldn’t be an anomaly, it’s a necessity!!

It really is that simple. But unfortunately most of our peers have lost sight of that (or never even saw it). They lack objectivity and disregard the fact that this is someone’s life. This is someone’s career. This is someone’s department. This is someone’s right-hand person. Only through complete transparency can both hiring leaders and potential candidates make the correct and critical decisions in these pivotal moments of their lives. Rather than focusing on short-term gains, consistently taking the “Longview” with relationships is what sets us apart from the other staffing agencies in San Diego and the rest of the U.S. It is this industry-leading approach that has also given us an unparalleled track record in successful placements. 

Top 5 Reasons We Are Hired

  1. Exclusivity. Contrary to common industry practice, we are not hired guns that can be bought by the highest bidder. We do not take on all companies as clients. We are discerning and exclusive in who we choose to work with. We screen potential clients on reputability, financial viability and employee satisfaction, to name a few qualifiers. Our reputation is paramount because for us, many of the professionals we’ve placed in the past – and even those we haven’t – come back to us for help in staffing their team. This is the reason why transparency is our mantra – because not only is it the right thing to do, but it also guarantees us future business with the best people.
  2. Our network/ Access to passive candidates. Our reputation opens doors for us and allows us to get referred to individuals not easily found. It also allows us to work with passive candidates that no one else knows about.
  3. Grace under fire. We have experience staffing entire departments from scratch in very limited time frames. We can handle pressure.  
  4. We are NOT our competitors. We answer questions honestly and we are forthcoming. We pick up the phone, we answer calls, we keep people updated, we respond to emails and voicemails quickly. You will not be pushed off or ignored. Again, the Golden Rule.
  5. Demonstrated success. We have not had a failed placement in over Five years; a statistic nearly unheard of in the staffing and recruitment industry.