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Longview is one of the top executive search firms in San Diego and Southern California; our mission is to operate with and promote the utmost transparency in the headhunting industry.

Companies generally use our services for three reasons: 1) They have a highly sensitive role to fill. 2) To save the time and effort in finding the best person for a job. And 3) When they have exhausted all of their resources and are still unable to find the right person. Companies come to us to tap into our vast network of A-list professionals, and for a short-list of recommended candidates for a position.

Similarly, the best candidates seek our services for many of the same reasons – we are one of the few search firms in existence who can honestly say that we are exclusive in who we accept as clients. We only work with companies that have the best reputations in industry, as OUR reputation is made or broken by positive experiences on both sides of the table.

Our clients want the right candidate, fast. And they are paying for it, so the process should be clean and discreet and the message sent out into the market should be a positive one. They require a search firm who is ethical, with a track record of results and an extremely high level of integrity. They want to know where they stand, every step of the way.

Longview specializes in the following:

  • Finance, Accounting, Tax and Audit recruiting
  • Human Resources (HR) recruiting
  • Operations recruiting

Our industry expertise includes: Life Sciences, Technology, Energy, Defense Contracting, Real Estate, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Construction, Insurance, Professional Services

Our Recruitment Services

Retained & Contingency Search

Our clients recognize the value in saving time and money and preventing unnecessary burden on their staff by outsourcing certain hiring needs. They also want to send the message that they will spare no expense to hire the best talent in the market – a message well-received by top professionals. Longview’s executive search, and accounting and finance recruiters in San Diego and Southern California take on both retained and contingency search engagements for permanent positions. We also offer non-traditional fee structures – a small example of how we do things differently.

As your recruiting partner we will manage, at your discretion, all aspects of the hiring process. This includes:

  • Job description development
  • Competitor advisory & compensation analysis
  • Profiling the prototypical candidate
  • Creating a sourcing strategy
  • Recruiting candidates – this typically includes cold recruiting from our client’s competitors
  • Completing in-depth interviews, technical vetting, assessing qualifications & career track record
  • Conducting thorough professional reference checks
  • Development and presentation of job offers
  • Managing counter-offer tactics and onboarding
  • Employee retention

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