In business, your image is everything — especially when you’re trying to attract top talent. The best candidates have their choice of companies, so you need to do everything in your power to show them that your organization is a great place to work.

Before deciding whether or not to apply for a job at your company, people conduct a great deal of research to gauge what it’s like to work there. Consequently, controlling the information shared by your employees is essential. No one you actually want to hire is going to submit their resume if your team is not supportive of your desired image.

Work with Your Employees to Create a Great Public Image

 Partner with your team to craft a winning public image by taking these three steps:

  1. Create a Social Media Policy. You better believe job seekers are using social media to learn what it’s like to work at your company, so institute a social media policy to keep them from stumbling upon anything less-than-flattering. Establish ground rules for what employees are allowed to say about your business online and what is off limits. Encourage your team to share positive updates, to make people want to be part of your organization.
  2. Ask Employees to Write Reviews. Unless job seekers know someone with ties to a company, it can be nearly impossible to find out what it’s like to work there until after they’ve been hired. However, sites like and offer space for past and present employees to review the company, to give others an idea of what to expect. Ask your staff to write reviews detailing their positive work experience, making readers want to apply for a job. Offer an incentive to do so – like a free lunch to anyone who writes 2+ reviews.
  3. Offer Volunteer Opportunities. The people you want love to give back to their communities, and it’s great for your public image when you allow them to do so during working hours. Partner with one specific charity or allow employees to choose their own, and spend a couple (work) days each year donating their time to help a great cause. Ask your team to write a brief overview of their experience and post it on your website and social media accounts for all to see.

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