Anyone who has ever interviewed for a job knows how time consuming and draining the process can be. They have to spend time preparing responses to the most challenging interview questions, learn detailed information about the target company, get their best outfit dry cleaned, and take time off from their current job to make it to the meetings.

After investing all this time and effort, it’s extremely frustrating to hear zero feedback — especially if you didn’t get the job. It’s very discouraging to be treated in this manner when you’re working with a recruiter who seemed to care about you until your interview didn’t result in a placement.

No News Is Typically Bad News

When you don’t receive any comments about an interview from your recruiter, it could be that the company has been radio silent. Companies can be very cautious when giving negative feedback to candidates or recruiters in fear of a potential lawsuit.

Going through the job process, communication from either the company or recruiter is a good thing. As the pace of communication slows down or goes away, use your intuition and previous experience to know that you should continue to apply for other openings.

The frustrating part is that when you don’t get an offer or receive any feedback, then you don’t know how to improve. Doing some research and finding recruiters who want to help you get better may take some time but it will pay off with dividends in the end.

Choose a Recruiter Who Deserves Your Time

The good news is that all recruiters do not share the philosophy of failing to pass on criticism from a company. In fact, the best ones recognize how invaluable feedback is to your job search. They’ll take the time to give it to you straight, even when the truth hurts a little.

Personal attention is what separates good recruiters from their competitors. Remember this when choosing a staffing partner to assist in your job search. Don’t just settle for the first recruiter to offer their services, because they may not be worth your time. You wouldn’t take a job without fully researching the company, so be sure to conduct the same due diligence when choosing a recruiter.

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