Every employee is important to the lasting success of your organization, but executives certainly play the largest role. It’s important to be very thorough when searching for someone to fill an open positon on your company leadership team. You can never be too careful when choosing a candidate to shape the future of your organization, so you’ll need to steer clear of standard questions and focus on those that might catch them off guard.

Determine Executive Fit By Asking These 5 Questions

Executive-level interviews focus more on strategy, experience, and policy than technical background. Incorporate these five questions into the interview process the next time you’re looking for a new member of your leadership team:

  1. When did you get your first paying job? Going all the way back to the very beginning of the candidate’s work history can be telling. People who held a part-time job during high school or college often have a greater sense of accountability, so if this is a trait you’re looking for, don’t skip this question.
  2. If you could change one thing about our company today, what would it be? The response itself isn’t super important, but this is a great way to show how much the person knows about your business. If someone you’re interviewing to lead your organization doesn’t know enough about your company to provide a thoughtful answer, it’s time to move on to the next candidate.
  3. Say a company hires you and a few months down the road it’s not working out for them. What is the most likely reason this could happen? This is a crafty way to get the person to share their weaknesses, as it forces them to divulge information from past jobs they may not be too keen on sharing. It’s a great way to gain key insights right away, rather than learning the hard way after making a hiring decision.
  4. What is the most likely reason a new position wouldn’t work out for you?  Same thing, in reverse.
  5. What are you currently reading? Finding out what the candidate is reading in their spare time is a savvy technique to learn more about them as a person. Their choice of reading material can help you gain a better understanding of their passions and personality.

Searching for a new member of your executive team? Contact Longview Search Alliance. We understand that the success or failure of a business can be impacted by just one hire, as the decision can be a life-changing event for everyone involved.

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