The best headhunters have very busy schedules. They’re constantly meeting with clients and candidates, trying to find the best match for open positions they’ve committed to fill. Sometimes it can be difficult to find any extra time in the day — even to stop for lunch.

When every day is nearly booked solid, it’s easy to avoid requests from job candidates looking for guidance on their careers, but that’s not the best approach. Recruiters are in a unique position to offer suggestions that can seriously impact a person’s career, so they should take the time to consult job seekers in need of some helpful advice.

3 Reasons Why Headhunters Should Invest in Candidates

Like most professionals, recruiters are very busy people but they should make room in their schedule to counsel those they’ve committed to help. Three great reasons to make this effort include:

  1. Sometimes a Job Just Isn’t the Right Fit. Headhunters have the unique ability to share valuable intel into a job opportunity or a company.  This inside information is often why clients value them the most – it’s because headhunters know what works and what doesn’t at their clients and they know the nitty-gritty as to whether this will be the right fit for both sides.  Sharing this insight – whether the right fit or not – results in a much more transparent, trusting relationship and thus increases the likelihood of finding the right fit for both the client and candidate.
  2. Build a Positive Reputation. No one wants to be pressured into accepting a position, just so their recruiter can get paid and move on to their next placement. Job seekers want to work with staffing firms that truly care about them. When headhunters take the time to help candidates in their job search, they develop a loyal network of professionals who want to keep working with them every time they’re ready to make a career move. Reputation is everything in the staffing industry, so only firms in good status are going to earn the trust of top talent.
  3. Because It’s the Right Thing to Do. A person’s career is a huge part of their life. When a recruiter has the knowledge to help a job seeker, it’s only right to share it. As staffing industry experts, they have a bank of knowledge that can be used to help candidates present themselves as best as possible for their dream job — and help them find it.  Sometimes even the best people make silly mistakes when interviewing.  Relaying even the smallest bits of information or taking the time to meet with a job seeker for 30 minutes may not seem like much, but it can change the course of a person’s life.

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