A 360˚ feedback program allows people to gain a well-rounded perspective on their communication, management, teamwork and leadership skills from their supervisor and peers. If you want the program to be effective, you’ll need to inform participants that results are completely confidential, keep the survey short, explain its purpose, and tailor it to each individual person.

10 Questions to Include in a 360˚ Feedback Review

For a 360˚ feedback review to be effective, the questions asked about each person need to make sense. The information won’t be helpful if it has no merit or isn’t applicable, so you can’t send one standard survey out for every person.

The 10 questions below serve as great sample questions that you may want to include. However, they certainly won’t be relevant for everyone, so simply use them as a starting point and build from there.

  1. How well does the person delegate their work?
  2. Do you feel like they listen to you?
  3. Is the person good at giving valuable feedback?
  4. How would you rate their networking skills?
  5. Would you say the person is reliable?
  6. What is their standard level of participation in group projects?
  7. Does the person pay attention to detail in their work?
  8. Please rate their problem-solving abilities.
  9. Is the person a positive and uplifting team member?
  10. Do their actions align with the company values/vision?

When the results come back, it’s best to deliver them face-to-face or over the phone, if an in-person interaction isn’t possible. You don’t want anyone to feel attacked or discouraged by the results, as the intention of 360˚ feedback is the exact opposite. Help the person understand the information presented, and use it to discover areas where they excel and others that need improvement.

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