Sometimes it may seem like your recruiter is a bit overzealous. In fact, they may even start to get on your nerves a little. However, usually this is coming from a good place. What may come off as pushy is just your headhunter trying to overcome concerns – some relevant and some misguided – to achieve a successful placement for you.

3 Reasons Why Headhunters May Seem Pushy

If you’re starting to feel slightly irritated with your overly ambitious recruiter, read these three reasons to understand where they’re coming from:

  1. They Want to Meet Deadlines: Chances are you’ve given your recruiter a timeline of when you’d like to have your new hire in place. The best staffing professionals want to do everything in their power to please you. When they have a question or need to talk to you, they want to connect as soon as possible, so they can move on to the next step without delaying the process.
  2. They’re Passionate About their Work: Good recruiters truly care about the clients and candidates they serve. When they find a great candidate for your open position, they get truly excited and can’t wait to tell you about the person. They may seem a little overeager sometimes, but their heart is in the right place.
  3. They Know the Industry Moves Fast: Recruiters are well aware that the best and brightest candidates can find work at any company. If you’re dragging your feet on extending an offer to a great candidate, your recruiter’s insistence on taking the final step immediately may annoy you, but it’s definitely for your own good. Waiting to make your move only increases the chance that your competition will step in and steal them.

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