Let’s face it, everyone wants to feel valued by their employer. It’s beyond discouraging to work hard for a company that really doesn’t care about you — and you shouldn’t.

Any organization would be lucky to have you, so if you’re not getting the appreciation you deserve from your current place of employment, you need go somewhere worthy of your talents. Don’t waste your time giving to an employer that only takes from you.

5 Signs You’re Underappreciated at Work

Feeling slighted by your company? It’s time to rethink your employment status if any of the following five situations sound familiar:

  1. You’re Always in the Dark: When management values employees, they’re forthcoming with information on where the company’s headed in the future, current obstacles it’s facing and the general health of the organization. You can’t do your best work unless you’re looped into the big picture.
  2. No One Ever Says Thank You: It’s always nice to receive credit for a job well done. Sure, you don’t need to be praised every time you submit an assignment, but it’s nice to receive positive feedback on a regular basis. If you don’t remember the last time anyone thanked you for your contributions, it’s probably time to move on.
  3. Your Ideas Aren’t Heard: You have a lot of great ideas that should be recognized. There’s something very wrong if you’re brushed off when you suggest an improvement or an innovative new idea. Go to a company that encourages you to share your thoughts and actually uses them.
  4. There’s No Room to Grow: If a company really appreciates you, they’ll do anything to get you to remain as part of the team. However, it’s certainly not fair to expect you to stay in the same job forever, so they’ll create ways to help you grow your career with the company. If the organization isn’t interested in what you want, there’s no need to stay there.
  5. You’re Underpaid: Money certainly isn’t everything, but it definitely talks. You need financial stability to pay the bills and enjoy a certain quality of life. If you know you’re earning less than industry standard for your area, you need to reassess your tenure at the company. It may be time to move on to a company that will pay you what you’re worth.

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