The best employees, especially millennials, don’t just want a job to pay the bills — they’re looking for a rewarding career. While compensation is an important part, that will only have an effect while employees enjoy their position. If you want to attract and retain the best and brightest talent, you’ll need to develop a customized career track that allows them to feel like they’re making progress toward their professional goals.

Traditional career tracks often push employees in a direction they’re not happy with, ultimately making them feel trapped. Developing a personalized track is a great way to help everyone achieve career satisfaction.

3 Tips for Developing a Customized Career Track

Want to help your employees build a future at your company? Incorporate these three ideas into your career track:

  1. Create Multiple Avenues: Everyone doesn’t want the same thing from their career. Some people want to move up the ladder and into managerial roles, while others would prefer to remain individual contributors. Make it possible for members of each group to advance at your company. Not only will you be rewarded with a team of loyal employees, you’ll also become a more efficient organization by not promoting people to jobs they don’t really want.
  2. Make it Easy to Change Course: It’s very common for employees to change their mind about the direction of their career at any point in time. Many ultimately feel forced to start over at another company, as their current employer makes it nearly impossible to transition into something new. A career track with a rigid structure won’t do anything but cause you to lose great workers. Offer people the flexibility to try out new positions as they see fit.
  3. Provide Training and Development: Help your team learn and grow by offering regular training and development opportunities. Employees will gain the knowledge needed to excel at their current positions and prepare for the next step. Helping people develop the skills needed to advance their career at your company is also an excellent way to improve retention rates and job satisfaction levels, so you can’t go wrong with it.

It’s easy to let your best employees produce high-level work and stay out of their way. However, those employees might feel neglected if you don’t show an interest in their careers. Make an effort by using the tips above to keep your employees happy. You and your company will reap the benefits.

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