One of the best leadership development strategies is the internal coaching of high-potential employees by top management. Employees chosen to participate in these programs are fast learners, passionate about their work and driven to succeed. These people have a natural ability to spot new opportunities and solve problems, making them invaluable team members.

Top company leaders serve as the ideal choice to further develop the talent of these employees, as they know exactly what it takes to lead the company to success. In fact, senior management was once in their shoes, so they know what it’s like to be young and eager to learn.

4 Ways to Create a Robust Leadership Development Program

A solid foundation must be set for a coaching program to be effective. Use the following four tips to establish a leadership development program that produces results:

  1. Define the Purpose of Coaching: If everyone isn’t on the same page, the coaching program won’t be effective. Participation requires mutual effort, so both sides need to understand the ultimate goal they’re working towards.
  2. Choose the Right Employees: Senior management doesn’t have time to waste, so take the time to choose the right people to benefit from their coaching. The program will quickly lose momentum if employees fail to live up to expectations or prove to not have the company in their long-term plans.
  3. Properly Train Management: Coaching doesn’t come naturally to everyone. It’s important to formally train managers to have effective coaching skills. You can’t expect them to be effective in this role unless you’re willing to provide the tools needed to achieve success.
  4. Create a Culture of Coaching: Embed coaching in your company culture by making it a regular activity — not simply a great idea that happens for a while and quickly gets lost in the shuffle. Hold regular coaching sessions for senior management to continue developing their skills.

Remember, leadership development is an ongoing training program. Results occur gradually, so don’t expect major outcomes overnight. It can take years to prepare even the most high-potential employees to lead your organization to success.

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