You’ve probably heard the term “talent management,” but may not know exactly what it means. Generally speaking, it covers a set of HR processes designed to attract, recruit, retain, identify and develop talent at your company.

Talent management strives to keep your organization running smoothly and efficiently by ensuring the right people are in the right jobs. This proactive stance helps to eliminate skills and knowledge gaps in both your current and future workforce. Your team members are the most important asset your organization will ever have, so it’s important to make sure you hire the best and continue to invest in their professional development.

3 Features of Talent Management

Still not exactly sure what talent management does? Learn three major responsibilities associated with this critical HR process:

  1. Hiring the Right People: Company culture is a huge part of the hiring process. A candidate may be a great fit for one company, but not ideal for another. A staffing firm takes the time to really get to know your organization, to ensure the right people are hired for each open position — not simply those with the most impressive resumes.
  2. Retaining Key Employees: High levels of turnover can be detrimental to a company. Your talent management partner can help you identify techniques to retain your best employees, so you’re not constantly focused on filling open positions. This can involve anything from offering more attractive perks to finding ways to help people grow their careers at your organization, rather having to look elsewhere to take the next step.
  3. Anticipating Future Needs: Your industry is constantly evolving. It’s important to stay on top of current trends or risk losing out to your competitors. Talent management can help you prepare your team for the future by developing their skills to meet the demands of tomorrow. Ensure your company is always aware of external factors that will impact your business, so you never risk becoming obsolete.

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