Unfortunately, many people are discriminated against in the workplace due to a variety of factors such as gender, ethnicity and age. As an employer, it’s your responsibility to ensure this type of behavior is not tolerated at your company. Each and every one of your employees must be treated equally and given a fair chance to succeed.

Laws are in place to prevent people from being discriminated against in the workplace. In fact, if one employee is found to be discriminating against another, there is legal ground for termination. It’s important to familiarize yourself with these laws, to ensure your company is not violating any of them.

How to Prevent Discrimination at Your Company

It’s essential to find a way to prevent or eliminate discrimination at your organization. Take the following four steps to ensure all of your team members are treated equally:

1. Create a Formal Policy: It can be difficult to prevent discrimination in the workplace when there isn’t a formal policy outlawing it. Establish a clear anti-discrimination policy and list subsequent consequences for violating it. Require each employee to read and sign the document to signify that they’ve read the rules.

2. Hold Anti-Discrimination Training: Develop an anti-discrimination training program and require your entire staff to take part on an annual basis — at minimum. Explain exactly what constitutes discrimination and how to report any such incidents. Hold an additional, more intensive training course for all employees in managerial positions.

3. Properly Train HR Staff: Make sure your human resources staff knows exactly how to handle discrimination complaints. If an incident does occur and action needs to be taken, it’s important to ensure the process is handled according to proper protocol.

4. Take All Complaints Seriously: Thoroughly investigate every single discrimination complaint — even if you question its validity. You owe it to your employees to let them know discrimination won’t be tolerated at your company and that they can trust you to defend their rights if necessary.

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