Do you suspect that some of your employees are being treated poorly by some of their peers? If so, this is a really big problem. Harassment in the workplace is a major issue that must be dealt with immediately. Not only is it a liability for your organization — it’s also just plain wrong.

You’re responsible for providing your employees with a safe and positive work environment. Everyone deserves to be treated with respect.

4 Steps to Prevent Harassment

Ready to combat harassment at your company? Take the following four steps to ensure everyone on your team is treated with respect:

  1. Write a Harassment Policy: It’s important to include guidelines to combat harassment in your employee handbook. If you don’t already have a harassment policy, write one so people know exactly what types of behaviors are considered offensive and are prohibited at your workplace. List the consequences offenders will face for violating the rules.
  2. Host Mandatory Training to Combat Harassment: Make sure your employees know how to proceed if they’ve been victimized by another staff member. Clearly explain the process of reporting a complaint, so they know exactly who to consult. Many people fail to report harassment because they’re unsure of who to talk to and want to keep their complaint discrete. Emphasize that complaints can be treated anonymously, if so desired.
  3. Be Present at the Office: As the boss, you have the power to stop or prevent harassment simply by maintaining a regular presence at the office. Spend as much time as possible in the areas where your employees work and be cognizant of their behavior towards one another. Take action if you notice anything that even slightly borders on harassment.
  4. Immediately Investigate All Complaints: Make it clear that you take all harassment allegations seriously by launching an immediate and thorough investigation every time a complaint is received. Harassing behavior won’t stop if you don’t follow through with the appropriate consequences. Stand your ground that this type of conduct won’t be tolerated, proving that you’ll always have the victims’ back.

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