In order for your company to function at capacity, you need a fully staffed team to keep production moving along. Employee shortages can be an ongoing problem — especially as your business continues to grow and become more successful. If you’re having trouble securing the help you need to stay ahead, it’s time to make a change.

3 Ways to Function When You’re Understaffed

Need a little help managing your staffing shortage? Use the following three tips to stay afloat when you have more work than your current employees can handle:

1. Make the Hiring Process More Efficient: Does it seem to take forever to hire a new employee? Taking your time through the hiring process doesn’t help you make a better decision — it actually increases your chances of losing top talent to your competitor, while decreasing overall productivity. Make your hiring process more efficient by having a formal, step-by-step hiring process that everyone understands.  You should ensure all job descriptions are up to date, ask for employee referrals, include a few team members in each interview and require immediate feedback from interviewers.  Sometimes this can be accomplished by scheduling a virtual team meeting (conference call) immediately after the interview to discuss feedback.  Also, be sure to ask behavioral interview questions in the interview to determine whether a person will fit into your company culture.

2. Cross-Train Your Employees: Your employees are a team, so make sure they function like one! It’s poor business practice to allow one employee to be the only person who knows how to complete a key task, as no one is able to fill in when they’re out of the office and you’re in big trouble if they quit. Cross-train your workers so they’re able to help out in different areas when needed.

3. Enlist a Search Firm to Help: Top search firms have experience acting as an outsourced recruiting function for their clients.  When you determine that a lack of employees or qualified candidates is hurting your company or actually holding it back from growth, it may be time to hire a search firm to manage the entire process for you.  This can often be more inexpensive than you would imagine, as the best search firms want to establish and maintain long-lasting relationships with their clients; hence, they will likely be willing to work with you on cost.

When things are hectic at your company, it’s easy to inadvertently take your existing employees for granted, but make a point not to do that. Inspire them to keep doing their best work by acknowledging their achievements, granting raises and offering perks like weekly free lunches. Remember, if you don’t treat your people well, you’ll have even more positions to fill.

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