Every successful company understands the value of providing employee training. When training is done right, it can help new employees get a great start at the company and can refresh long-time workers on important organizational policies and procedures.

However, many companies fall short on creating a training program that’s interesting enough to hold the attention of employees. When people become bored, they resent having to sit through the training session and don’t get anything out of it ─ making it a waste of time and money.

3 Ways to Make Training More Effective

If you’ve become frustrated by a series of failed training opportunities, it’s time to make a change. Closely examine your training program to try and understand exactly why employees hate it. Use these three tips to make a few positive changes sure to change employees’ thoughts on sitting through training:

Make Sure You’re Well Prepared

There’s no better way to waste your employees’ time and make them hate training than forcing them to sit through a disorganized session. Have all materials and speakers lined up and ready to go as soon as training starts to make the most of the time. Anticipate potential issues ahead of time, so you’re ready to combat problems as they arise.

Offer the Right Learning Opportunities

No one wants to sit through training that isn’t relevant to their job and offers no value. Explain the benefit of training ahead of time, so people know exactly what they’ll get from it. If certain portions of training only pertain to specific employees, don’t make everyone else sit through it.

Promptly Follow Up

Survey employees at the end of the training session to learn what they liked and didn’t like about it. This feedback can help you to plan more effective sessions in the future, as you can focus on areas they enjoyed and eliminate those deemed pointless.

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