Your company needs great leaders to guide your organization to success. However, it can be challenging to know which employees have the potential to succeed in a leadership role.

Not everyone has what it takes to be a leader ─ and that’s okay. Instead of promoting people to leadership roles based on their tenure or individual performance, you need to dig a little deeper to ensure they have what it takes to motivate and inspire others.

5 Characteristics of a Great Leader

Trying to identify future leaders at your organization? Choose those who embody the following five characteristics:

Highly Adaptable:

Projects don’t always go as planned, so your company needs a leader who can adapt under the most trying of circumstances. A great leader is an innovative thinker who can change course at a moment’s notice. Rather than becoming flustered and giving up, they face any challenge head-on.

Excellent Team Player:

An effective leader has to be able to work well with everyone ─ not just those who agree with everything they say. This person treats all team members with respect, listens to everyone’s opinions and is always willing to pitch in and help wherever they’re needed.

Outstanding Communication Skills:

It’s impossible to accomplish good work when leaders don’t communicate with everyone else. An outstanding leader makes sure everyone is on the same page by sharing their thoughts, goals and visions for each project. Their transparency sets the tone for the rest of the team to understand the value of excellent communication.

Incredibly Responsible:

In business, it’s inevitable that you’ll have successes and failures. However, it’s how a person handles them that speaks to their leadership potential. Someone who is willing to accept the blame for failures and share positive accolades with the entire team is a leader anyone would be fortunate to work with.

Notably Humble:

A leadership role is a position of power, but no one wants to work with someone who behaves in an arrogant manner, or acts superior to their team members. The best leaders are modest and show an equal amount of respect to everyone.

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