Job interviews aren’t just nerve-wracking for candidates ─ they’re just as stressful for the interviewer. It’s your job to ask all the right interview questions, so you don’t accidentally make a bad hiring decision. The questions you ask during the interview can make or break your chances of finding the best candidate. Some simply serve as a talking point, offering very little value, while others provide valuable insights that can help you make the right hiring decision.

5 Best Interview Questions to Ask Potential Employees

Not sure what to ask a candidate in an upcoming job interview? Get the responses you’re looking for by working the following five questions into conversation:

What was your greatest accomplishment at your last job?

This open-ended question forces the candidate to give you a specific, detailed response highlighting a way they’ve been a major asset to their employer─ such as helping to cut costs, improve efficiency or land a major client. Learning more about their past can help you gauge their future potential.

Describe a time you faced a conflict and how did you resolve it?

It’s inevitable that personalities will clash in every work place, but it’s how the employee handles these differences that counts. Find out how the person deals with conflict now, so you’re not in for an unpleasant surprise the first time someone challenges their opinion.

What Sets You Apart From Other People We’re Interviewing For This Position?

Give the candidate the chance to sell themselves by explaining what sets them apart from their competition. Choose the person who can confidently explain why their skills and experience would be beneficial to the organization ─ not someone who has trouble determining their own value.

Describe the best boss you’ve ever worked under.

Gain helpful insights about the candidate’s previous relationships with their supervisor by asking this question. Use their response to gauge their preferred work style and communication skills.

What is your ideal work environment?

It’s easy to assess a candidate on paper by reviewing their resume, but much more difficult to gauge their cultural fit. Ask them to explain the type of work environment they would prefer, so you know whether they would fit in at your company.

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