Some recruiters definitely try to make a candidate appear more appealing by embellishing the truth. They’ll try to convince you to hire a less-than-ideal candidate just to get the job filled. While it’s unfortunate that these people do exist in our industry, you should know that you’ll never get less than the whole truth from a good recruiter.

3 Reasons Top Recruiters Would Not Want To Hide Anything When Presenting A Candidate

A recruiter worth your time and money will tell you the full story about every candidate.  These professionals want you to have all the facts needed to make an informed hiring decision.  Here are 3 reasons why the best recruiters do not want to hide anything when presenting a job candidate:

The Candidates Are A Reflection Of The Recruiter:

When a recruiter chooses to work with a candidate, that candidate becomes a part of the recruiter’s business. The recruiter needs to be proud to work with this person.  The candidate is a reflection of their work and abilities, and this goes far in potentially improving business down the road.

Recruiters Are Often Blamed For Bad Hires:

When a hire does not work out or details were not mentioned during the hiring process, hiring managers question the integrity of recruiter. Why didn’t the recruiter go one step further to find out if the candidate was the right fit? Why didn’t they find out or disclose all of the details?

Dishonesty and Oversights Hurt Future Business:

When a recruiter consistently misleads or lacks full disclosure on candidates, fewer and fewer companies will want to do business with them.  Bad news travels fast and our world is a close-knit one.  Additionally, candidates will also be less likely to trust a recruiting firm if their success rates are lower.

At Longview, we look at all the angles of a candidate to properly match them with the right opportunity. You can count on us to provide your company with the most accurate information on the candidate as possible. We’re committed to sustaining a long-term partnership and we’re well aware that isn’t possible without trust.

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