Simply stated, some recruiters are downright maddening. They think they’re being helpful, but in reality, the only thing they’re doing is causing headaches. It’s important to choose a seasoned staffing partner who knows how to interact with candidates without crossing the line.

4 Ways Inexperienced Recruiters Annoy Candidates

Working with a recruiter can be a fantastic experience, if you choose the right partner. However, be prepared to endure the following four issues if you choose someone lacking the necessary experience to get the job done right:

  • Keeping them in the Dark: Job seekers like to know what’s going on throughout the candidate selection process. They count on recruiters to let them know where they stand, provide feedback and offer tips for success. However, many inexperienced recruiters fail to deliver, leading candidates feeling beyond frustrated.
  • Pestering them About Opportunities They Don’t Want: While many candidates seek guidance on the next step in their career, there’s a distinct difference between helping them and pushing them towards an opportunity they’re not interested in. Harassing a person to interview for a job is never an effective way to make a good impression.
  • Not Returning Messages: The possibility of changing jobs is a very exciting, yet nerve-wracking time for candidates, so they rely on their recruiter to stay in touch. When recruiters fail to return messages, it’s frustrating to job seekers and sends the message that they aren’t a priority ─ which doesn’t feel so great.
  • Misrepresenting Job Opportunities: There’s nothing worse than thinking you’re interviewing for your ideal job, only to find the details have been largely glorified. Often times inexperienced recruiters mistakenly think it’s okay to tell a few little white lies about a job to get a candidate interested. However, the only end result of this tactic is disappointment, frustration and lost trust.

At Longview, we have experience and professionalism that is used to not “annoy” candidates and effectively place the right ones with the right opportunity. You can count on us to always represent your company in the best possible manner.

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