It’s true ─ some recruiters are only focused on earning a quick profit. This mindset is certainly not shared by the majority of staffing professionals, but sadly, the few who operate this way tarnish the industry for everyone.

There are definitely recruiters out there who scrape resumes and send them over to clients. Some source candidates by purchasing access to resume databases and searching LinkedIn, often forwarding resumes to you without even contacting the candidate.

That’s not how we operate at Longview Search Alliance. In fact, we chose our name based on the fact that we take a longer-term view or outlook on our client relationships.  We’re not here to collect a quick fee ─ we’re here to make sure we understand your challenges and can properly recruit and vet candidates that fit your exact needs.

4 Differences Between Good and Bad Staffing Agencies

Need a little help distinguishing between honest and dishonest recruiters? Below are four key differences between staffing agencies focusing on a long-term future with your company and those just looking to earn a quick fee:

  1. Interest in Your Company: Good recruiters take the time to get to know your company, because they want to find candidates that are a good cultural fit. They’re willing to visit your office, meet your team and are genuinely eager to learn what you’re all about. Conversely, a bad recruiter will likely claim they gained all the information needed from a visit to your company website.
  2. Attention to Detail: When a recruiter is genuinely interested in hiring the best person for your open position, they’ll take the time to learn everything they can about the job, to create a comprehensive job description. This may mean talking to the person who will be the new hire’s supervisor and colleagues to ensure no detail is missed. Sadly, a bad recruiter will do none of this, as they have a mysterious way of innately knowing everything about the job, though you’ve disclosed very little…
  3. Willingness to Take on Assignments: One company cannot specialize in everything. Honest recruiters choose their specialties and don’t accept assignments that fall outside this realm. On the other hand, dishonest recruiters are willing to take on any assignment sent their way.
  4. Follow Up: Recruiters that are truly dedicated to their clients will do everything in their power to ensure client satisfaction. They’ll continuously check in to gain updates on the progress of their hires and are more than willing to resolve any issues that arise. Unfortunately, you can be assured that after a bad recruiter is paid, the only time you’ll hear from them again is to see if you have any more work for them.

At Longview Search Alliance, our operational approach may not result in “instant gratification” but the trust and loyalty we receive from our clients as a result of our candor adds up over the long term. And we are in this for the long term.

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