Certain people always have great jobs. They always seem to land the promotion.  And they always seem to be successful with everything they touch.

Is this just luck or a coincidence?  Nope!  These people don’t wait for things to happen, they make their own luck.  So what can you do to ensure you’re successful?  You can start by following these five tips:

Have a positive attitude–always!
Your attitude can be a powerful self-fulfilling prophecy.  If you have a negative attitude, 9 times out of 10 you will fail.  But, if you bring a positive attitude and display confidence, strength, and determination, you WILL be successful.

Stay educated.
The best way to ensure success is to stay one step ahead. Research your industry. Know what’s happening and what the experts say will happen. Look for trends. When you find them, start to train yourself in these areas. Knowledge is power.

Be an open book.
First impressions mean a lot. And most people can sniff out evasiveness and someone who is not genuine. Be transparent., even if you have shortcomings (everyone does). Your candor will be appreciated and you will be remembered as someone who is no-nonsense and trustworthy.

Learn to network.
Unfortunately sometimes it’s not what you know, but who you know (at least to begin with).  Learn to network. You can even network within your own company. Invite co-workers to lunch. Take the time to walk by someone’s office to say hello. And actively seek out opportunities to network outside of work by joining organizations, groups, etc.  You start by seeking out your local chamber of commerce to learn of upcoming events.

Be open to new opportunities.
Listen to people in your network.  When a new opportunity presents itself, don’t sit back and wait.  Take the initiative to inquire more–and don’t be shy!

Bonus Tips!
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